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These are the current public registries we have open at bed. If you are looking for someone who is not listed, please check with them, perhaps they have not made their list public, in which case they must share the link with your directly. If you are planning on shopping for items on someone’s list and would like to have our website automatically inform them about your purchase, please be sure to login or create an account. Then, upon checkout you will see an option to send your name and a note to the recipient of your purchases. If you want to buy someone something anonymously, please alert us in the comments section that the purchase is indeed for someone’s registry as we will otherwise not know who it is intended for and could result in other people purchasing the gift again (which may not be a bad thing…)

If you want to start a registry of your own just go through the motions of shopping but instead of adding items to your cart, click the add to wishlist button. Once you’ve created a wishlist, you can keep it private, share the private link with anyone you choose or make it public which means it will appear below on this page. It will be listed by whatever title you give the list when you create it. If you ever want to change or add to your registry you can manage your by logging in and going to “my lists” page or on your “account” page. Feel free to register for whatever reasons you wish. Everyone loves to get gifts and you definitely deserve some, we can tell.

List Name Name Date Added
bedding October 27, 2016
Brett Turner & Julia Montague Julia Montague March 12, 2016
guest room January 31, 2019
Kati & Rob’s Wishlist Rob Laird June 25, 2015
Lou & Daniel’s Wedding Lynsey Epp September 20, 2015
Possible Stuff Jim Dunbar December 28, 2018
Ryan and Navi #rntsweetlove Navi Bhatti June 30, 2015
Sarah & Taylor Wedding Sarah Donnachie May 18, 2014
Wedding Registry – Jenn & Anthony Jennifer Kobelt July 19, 2018
Wishlist February 9, 2019