COVID-19 response – updated April 17, 2020

The COVID-19 situation continues to change day by day. In order to protect our families and yours, our physical store will remain closed until the situation improves. While this location is closed the best way to reach us will be by email:
, please be aware that sometimes you may experience a delay in getting a response, as we are working remotely.

Our website is available for those that wish to shop from home and we are grateful for the continued support. For a limited time we are offering free Canadian shipping on orders over $150 and orders below that amount qualify for a flat rate of just $10.

If your order is being shipped, we will be in touch when your order is ready and provide a Canada Post tracking number. If you are waiting to pick up once the store reopens, we’ll be in touch once the Public Health Authorities give everyone the go ahead. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

As of April 17, our sales are temporarily restricted to in stock items only. All orders placed before April 17 are currently in production.

Ordinarily, we accept unlimited orders for any item in our catalogue, as we make everything ourselves and would just produce whatever had been ordered. COVID-19 has changed everything. Our supply chain has been affected and most critically, our next order of cotton has been delayed a couple of times already. We are currently unsure of its arrival date and it would not be responsible to sell items that we may not be able to make for some time. That’s going to mean some items are not available right now and we’re awfully sorry about that. Generally anything that we made to order is going to have to wait until our fabric has arrived. This includes reversible duvet covers, bedskirts, tab curtains, most extra-extra-deep (18”) fitted sheets and all custom-sewn items. At this moment we are really short on king sized items as well. Because for the time being we cannot visit our print fabric wholesalers, there is no fabric to make more printed duvet covers.

We know there are some gaps in our inventory right now and do hope to catch up on at least some of the most popular items & colours, however physical distancing at our production space has slowed down everything we do. We are hopeful that there will be no further delays and that the fabric will arrive soon, but of course, as you well know, it’s hard to count on anything right now. When the fabric does arrive, we will reevaluate our situation and decide our next steps. In order to make this more manageable we will likely produce a smaller range of items & colours for a while. If you are really after something that is out of stock right now, please feel free to contact us, to see if/when we may be able to make your item(s).

We really, really wish things were different and are so grateful for your support and understanding.

Look after yourself, be kind to each other, and most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS!