Our Social Fabric

Another mountain of leftover cotton leaving our workshop to get repurposed by Our Social Fabric. Check out their next sale on Nov 20th! #oursocialfabric #osf #reuse #repurposed #bedvancouver #theheartofkits


Heading to bed

All full day’s work, all packed up and ready to head to the store. Will any of these end up on your bed?


No packaging = less waste

Our sheets have no packaging and we pack them up in reuseable bins to bring them to bed so this cuts out a lot of waste.


We have a good look at things before taking them to bed

Before they go to the store we give them a full once over. Hand-dyeing doesn’t always go according to plan so sometimes they end up ‘on sale’ as mistints, a great way to pick up a bargain in bed!


Fresh sheets!

Fresh from the dryer. Just like all our sheets they’re preshrunk and will get softer and better with each wash and dry.


A quick wash after the dye

Everything gets another wash after it’s dyed to deal with any excess dye that hasn’t bound to the cotton.


Dyed in small batches, by hand

All of the sheets are dyed by hand in small batches, just about the size of a set of bedding, which is why there can be slight variation from batch to batch.


Can you figure out the secret?

Here’s one secret recipe ready to go… (you didn’t think we’d really give it away did you?)


The dye is the key

The reason why our sheets look so good isn’t just the high quality, non-toxic dyes we use, it’s our secret recipes to make the 70+ colours we offer!


It all starts out the same.

We sew everything up in unbleached cotton and then dye it only when we need to, which saves water. This is why you sometimes have to wait a bit for your sheets.


Have a peek into how we do it


It’s going to be a busy Saturday of dyeing sheets. Follow along for a glimpse into how we do it!

Dryers are in!

IMG_20140613_111346 IMG_20140613_111830 Photo 2014-06-13, 12 58 49 PM Photo 2014-06-13, 3 58 58 PM

Our Sewing room is up and running

Photo 2014-06-02, 3 16 23 PM Photo 2014-06-02, 3 16 36 PM Photo 2014-06-03, 4 00 18 PM Photo 2014-06-04, 3 59 28 PM IMG_20140604_121906 Photo 2014-06-02, 3 17 01 PM

Moving Day

Photo 2014-05-30, 12 31 08 PM Photo 2014-05-30, 12 14 28 PM Photo 2014-05-30, 1 20 18 PM Photo 2014-06-02, 3 17 25 PM

High tech heater

A brand new, high-efficiency, on-demand gas water heater.  No more keeping tanks of water hot 24/7 for work that happens only a few days a week.  It was an expensive little bugger but will save so much energy and money over its lifetime.

IMG_20140528_152436 IMG_20140528_152444

So things are starting to look a bit more like we could actually work here.


Things move quickly once you have water.

This will be where all our washers are installed.

IMG_20140523_160208 IMG_20140526_111015 IMG_20140527_100503 IMG_20140527_100511

Pipe testing


And along the back wall it will be new, high-efficiency gas dryers.  This will be  a huge improvement and energy-savings compared to our old, electric dryers.

IMG_20140527_100428 IMG_20140527_100529

We’ve hit water!

Thankfully not literally.  We managed to find the incoming water pipe, right about where we figured it would be, except for one major difference.  It was a mere few centimetres below the concrete instead of being under about 45cm of sand.  We were happily jack-hammering and shovelling right beside a pressurized, plastic pipe that would have burst spraying water everywhere had we nicked it.  Yikes!


Next up, finding the drain pipe under the floor. At least this time we could use some expert technology to look, instead of blindly guessing. As a bonus we get to use yet another fantastically named tool. SeeSnake!


What do you suppose we saw with that snake?

vlcsnap-2014-06-25-12h58m27s198 vlcsnap-2014-06-25-13h07m08s27 vlcsnap-2014-06-25-13h02m52s34

Yup. A pipe. Of course, what we really need to know is where is it and how deep is it? That’s when the cool high-tech part of the SeeSnake shines. The above-ground gizmo finds the below-ground doo-hickey and then you know where the pipe is. Magic!


The arrow marks the spot where the drain pipe should be. Time for some more digging.


And there it is. So now with all our mysteries solved we can begin the real construction.


Our chance to take out some frustrations on a wall.

We need to join the two old offices into one room for sewing.  That means a door and window must die. A little bit of smashing and bashing is in order and we have just the tool to do it. What an awesome name!



Our trusty sidekicks have found a spot to watch from a safe distance. Of course Bikram has the most comfortable seat in the house!


IMG_20140517_153231 IMG_20140527_100823 IMG_20140526_111008

And now the work begins…

Let’s start whipping this place into shape.


First item on the agenda… Where oh where is the incoming water pipe? Sadly, the original building plans are gone so all we can do is guess (and dig a few holes).

IMG_20140506_104246 IMG_20140506_105413 IMG_20140506_111825

We’ll post an update when we find it!

The new workshop before we got our hands on it.

We’ve found a perfect location for our new workshop!  It’s closer to transit and to our seamstress so she can cut her commute in half. Sunny and bright with a huge garage door to open for fresh air.  It looks a bit rough in these pictures but trust us, we’re going to be able to do great things here.

These two offices will be joined to make our sewing room.




We can pretty much open the entire end of the dyeing room.


A loft for storage of all our old paperwork and stuff.



An area for all the unbleached product waiting to be dyed.


A giant space to set up as our dyeing room.


new workshop

watch this page for details of how we set up our new workshop