basics - solid & marble dyed 100% cotton swatches

order some swatches, they’re free!

Have you got a few colours in mind but are wondering how they’d look at home? If you’re unsure about colour it’s a good idea to order swatches before purchasing larger pieces. Around about the size of a business card, swatches are cut from hand-dyed fabric so they are subject to the same dye lot variations as our finished products. They aren’t identical or uniform like paint swatches are, but they are a good overall representation of how the dye will turn out. Because dye lots vary with time, asking for just the swatches you need and getting fresh ones from time to time helps keep them looking similar to currently produced dye lots. To help us keep swatches and swatch shipping free, please don’t ask for all +50 of them, we’re happy to stick 10 or so into an envelope to mail to you. Simply add the colours you want to your cart, then check out. They will show up free with free shipping. You can even do this without creating an online account.

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