We don’t do white, and here’s why:

Because we use an unbleached cotton to make our sheets, we would need to bleach them to make them white or buy a separate supply of white cotton just for these sheets. In the past we have bought white cotton but we found the quality to be quite inconsistent and often the bleaching made the cotton feel different from our regular fabric. Added to this was a concern about the way the fabric was bleached; was it done in an environmentally friendly manner? We make our sheets ourselves here in BC and use very low-impact dyes (you could even drink the dye, but it probably wouldn’t taste good!) but we don’t want to use bleach as it’s nasty to work with and bad for the environment. Just like we’ve all gotten used to brown bags, napkins and other paper products, we think we could all embrace unbleached cotton for bedding. It looks good, feels great and has had a lower impact on the environment (and the people that work with it) than white does.