nostalgia print cushion cover


with unbleached basics on the back

Important Notes About Colour:

Our printed cushion covers come in two different styles, whole and split panel. The 25″ squares are only available in the whole panel style while the 18″ squares can be purchased in either, depending on availability. Please check the “what do these 2 styles look like?” tab down below for more information.

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Our items are made by hand, we may not have every item in-stock, please allow about 2 weeks for order completion. As with any handmade product you will find small variations between finished items. Small variations of tone or specks of other colours within an item, as well as occasional small slubs in the cotton and sewing should be embraced as signs of a genuine handmade product.

18 inch 18″ (46cm) 18″ (46cm)
25 inch 25″ (64cm) 25″ (64cm)

All sizes are approximate.

Cushion covers have a fold-over opening on the back.

cushion cover fold-over opening

Cushion covers are available with a whole front panel completely made up of printed fabric and a fold over opening on the back made from a solid colour from our basics line, similar to these images:

print cushion whole - front

print cushion whole - back

Additionally, some 18″ cushion covers are available in a split panel style where about 2 thirds of the front and back are made from printed fabric and one third is made from a solid colour from our basics line, similar to these images:

print cushion split - front

print cushion split - back

All bedding should be washed prior to first use. Always wash in COLD water and tumble dry HOT. Dyed bedding should be washed keeping each colour separate for at least the first wash and dry. After that simply wash similar colours together. Do not hang dyed bedding to dry, use a dryer. For best results during the first few washes, please make sure your bedding goes into the dryer right after it is done washing. Don’t let it sit wet. Unbleached bedding should be washed in HOT water for the first wash. After that, follow the washing instructions as detailed above.

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