terra cotta fitted sheet


a super popular warm, orangey brown colour, demand is high so the waitlist is your friend here

Available in a selection of depths to accommodate different sized mattresses, our fitted sheets have elastic around the entire top and bottom ends of the bed (not just the corners) so that they won’t pop off in the night. You can find a lot more information about them in the tabs below. Just like everything at bed these are all sold individually so you can mix and match colours. Terra cotta is a very variable colour and right now there is a lot of tone variation in the items we have in stock. It is very unlikely that you will get dyelot matched items if you order several pieces all in terra cotta. If this is an issue for you, you may wish to mix and match with pieces in other colours.

Hand dyeing is an art, not an exact science so results vary batch to batch. This variance should be embraced as nature’s role in how the dyes react with the natural fibres of the cotton. If you order multiple pieces in the same colour, you should expect to see some variation in the shade and tone of the colour across the items. click here for more details

Each screen will display colours somewhat differently, so use our colour images as guidelines - the actual colour may not be exactly as displayed by your screen.

  • 100% cotton muslin
  • thicker, more textured & breathable
  • machine wash & dry
  • made by us in Burnaby, BC
*get free pillowcases with certain orders - click here for more details

COVID-19 update – Currently, our sales are temporarily restricted to in stock items only. If you order multiple pieces in the same colour, you should expect to see some variation in the shade and tone of the colour across the items. Our items are made by hand, and with such a wide array of products, colours & sizes, we definitely do not have every item in stock at all times. Get more information on how COVID-19 is affecting our supply chain & inventory availability by clicking here.

Our sheets are definitely not your average department store sheets. We use a 100% cotton, clothing fabric called muslin, which is thicker and more textured than the cotton often used to make sheets. People often remark that the noticeable texture feels more similar to old fashioned or even linen sheets. Just like a new pair of jeans they can take a bit of breaking in, but get softer and lovelier with each wash, while retaining their more rustic texture.

Although this cotton may feel a bit heavier than other fabrics, it breathes exceptionally well. This is because big threads are used in a looser weave. The cotton doesn’t retain excess heat or cold like tightly woven fabrics, so it’s quite comfortable all year round.

Read more about our bedding.

All dyeing is done by hand in small batches (about a set of queen-sized items, i.e. duvet cover, fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases), so dyelots will vary slightly. If you order several items in the same colour, we will make every effort to dye as many of them together as possible, however it is possible you may receive items from slightly different dye lots. Sometimes you’ll see small specks or smudges of another colour on your sheets and this comes down to the fact that a real human being made them by hand – try as we might these can’t be completely avoided. The typical variation in colour that may occur can be seen by viewing all the images on a colour’s category page. Marble dyes have the most variance in colour within an item, each item has a unique, random pattern that can include large clusters or small flecks of other colours such as fuschia, orange or blue, depending upon how individual dyes disperse. Every computer monitor will display colours somewhat differently, so use our colour images as guidelines – the actual colour may not be exactly as displayed by your computer. For an explanation about why colours sometimes look different online and in person, check out our about colour page. Following our washing instructions will keep colours true for a long time, while the cotton will get softer and softer, a lot like your favourite, old jeans.

single 39″ (99cm) 75″ (191cm) up to 10″ (25cm)
single extra long 39″ (99cm) 80″ (203cm) up to 10″ (25cm)
double 54″ (137cm) 75″ (191cm) up to 10″ (25cm)
double extra deep 54″ (137cm) 75″ (191cm) 11” to 15″ (28 to 38cm)
queen 60″ (152cm) 80″ (203cm) up to 11″ (28cm)
queen extra deep 60″ (152cm) 80″ (203cm) 12” to 15″ (30 to 38cm)
queen extra extra deep 60″ (152cm) 80″ (203cm) 15” to 18″ (38 to 46cm)
king 78″ (198cm) 80″ (203cm) up to 11″ (28cm)
king extra deep 78″ (198cm) 80″ (203cm) 12” to 15″ (30 to 38cm)
king extra extra deep 78″ (198cm) 80″ (203cm) 15” to 18″ (38 to 46cm)

All measurements are approximate.

The cotton muslin that we use for our bedding is 63 inches (160cm) wide. This obviously limits us in how wide we can go without seams. Luckily, we’ve found a way to make our bedding where the seams are in areas where they don’t impact the comfort and use of our sheets. For instance, our flat and fitted sheets have seams that fall generally along the sides of the mattress. The dashed lines in the following photos outline where the seams will be in each sheet. For a more detailed explanation of our bedding please see the about our bedding page.

single fitted sheet

single fitted sheet seams

Single beds are 39 inches (99cm) across so we have to add a small panel along one side of the sheet. This falls entirely below the level of the top of the mattress with the seam running along the bed. There is no seam on the other side.

double fitted sheet


Double beds are 54 inches (137cm) across so we have to add a small panel along each side of the sheet. These fall along the side of the mattress with the seams right along the edge of the bed. This is mirrored on the other side.

queen fitted sheet

Queen beds are 60 inches (152cm) across, we have to add a panel along the right and left side of the mattress. The seams run along the top, very close to to each edge. There’s also a dart in each corner for a drop corner style allowing the sheet to fit a range of depths and easing the tension to help it last longer.

king fitted sheet

King beds are 80 inches (203cm) across. We’ve found slightly wider muslin for king sheets that allows us to move the seams to the edges, similarly to our queen and double sheets. We still add a panel along each side with the seams running along the right and left edge of the bed.

All bedding should be washed prior to first use. Always wash in COLD water and tumble dry HOT. Dyed bedding should be washed keeping each colour separate for at least the first wash and dry. After that simply wash similar colours together. Do not hang dyed bedding to dry, use a dryer. For best results during the first few washes, please make sure your bedding goes into the dryer right after it is done washing. Don’t let it sit wet. Unbleached bedding should be washed in HOT water for the first wash. After that, follow the washing instructions as detailed above.


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