about inventory, back-orders & wait lists

about inventory, back-orders & wait lists

Our items are made by hand, and with such a wide array of products, colours & sizes (nearly 3000!), we definitely do not have every item in stock at all times. That may mean that an item you’d like may not be in stock right now. Currently we are restricting sales to in-stock items only – click here to quickly check what’s in stock using our product filters. 

Earlier this year our supply chain was affected and most critically, our cotton orders were delayed several times. Thankfully, after several months without, we have finally received some shipments of the key fabrics that we use and have started work on restocking, but we have a ways to go. Additionally, basic supplies like some dyes or the thicker elastic we use for fitted sheets are in short supply (for example, most elastic manufacturers have switched to making thin elastic needed to make masks). This has certainly taught us a lesson about fragile supply chains. Ordinarily, we would accept unlimited orders for any item in our catalogue, as we make everything ourselves. COVID-19 has changed everything. Most unexpectedly, we are experiencing a giant surge in demand which while obviously super welcome, means we can barely keep up, even with our production workshop going full tilt. In order to concentrate on the items that are most in demand we are temporarily suspending production of things like tab curtains, bedskirts, body pillow covers as well as some sizes of fitted sheets. We anticipate that restocking even just the most sought after items will take us quite a while, as things are selling just about as fast as we can make them. Also, physical distancing at our production space has slowed down everything we do. 

In consideration of all of this as well, as the chance of new lockdowns affecting either us or some of our suppliers, we do not currently expect to be reopening unrestricted orders for some time. The possibility of ending up with a huge list of orders that external events keep us from being able to fill, is the kind of risk we aren’t comfortable taking. We understand this might lead to some frustration for some of you, so we are trying to come up with some ways to help you get the things you want from us.  See below for some information about new tools such as product search filters, wait lists and limited back-orders for selected items.


in-stock items

As items are produced they will be available for purchase both online and in our store. The same inventory is offered both online and in-store, there are not separate pools of items. The correspondence of online and in-store inventory levels is managed by hand so please understand that there may be occasional discrepancies between online and real life numbers as things get updated. Until we get over the hill of restocking the store, we will continue to restrict sales to in-stock items only and as you browse the catalogue online you will be able to see the current stock level we have for any in-stock items. Click here to quickly check what is in stock in any sort of item you might be looking for (for example, find all the queen fitted sheets that are in stock now). If you purchase an in-stock item, please still wait to hear from us before coming to the store to collect it, as sometimes an item we have in stock may still be at our workshop.

empty shelves

out of stock items

If a particular size of an item is out of stock, a few situations may apply. If we are not able to make more of that item either temporarily or permanently, you will not be able to purchase the product. However, some out of stock items will be available to purchase as a back-order and some others may have a wait list and these options are explained below.


The items that are available for back-order will be identified as such and can be purchased today. It may take us up to 2-3 weeks to produce these items before they are ready to be picked up or shipped. We will be in touch once they are ready for you. If your order combines in-stock and back-ordered items we will generally wait until all the items are ready before contacting you.

back orders

wait lists

people in a queue

While we are regularly restocking our inventory, things are selling as fast as we make them, so we are primarily focusing on the most popular items. For some items that we are able to make but may still be hard to find in stock, we will be testing a wait list option. Unlike a back-order, a wait list item cannot be purchased, instead you will have the option of adding your email address to a wait list specific to that colour and size of item.

When we are able to restock such an item, everyone on the list will get an automated email from us letting them know that there is some stock available for purchase. At that point it is first-come, first-served so we would advise not to wait too long to make the purchase if you are still eager for the item. If for whatever reason, you are unable to purchase the item, you will remain on the list to be notified again when more stock is available. If you’d like to be removed from the wait list at any time, you can do so yourself from your account page on our website, or alternately you can contact us to have us remove your name for you.

Please note that an account on our website is required to add your name to a wait list, if you don’t have one already, you’ll have an opportunity to create one at that point. By accepting names on a wait list we are not guaranteeing that we will be able to make those items soon, though the wait lists will help us to determine which items people are most interested in purchasing so we can see if we can include these items in our production schedule. Generally, due to the huge number of different items we make, we aren’t able to provide a timeline of how long this may take for any particular item.

This is a new option for us and there may be some bumps as we sort out how it works, so please bear with us.


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